Flight attendants’ salaries in the Philippines are influenced by experience level, airline company policies, and additional responsibilities undertaken.

Let’s explore the typical compensation rates and factors influencing the pay of Philippine flight attendants.

Role of Flight Attendants

Flight attendants, also known as cabin crew or stewards/stewardesses, are airline personnel tasked with overseeing the safety, comfort, and service of passengers aboard commercial flights.

  1. Safety Assurance: Ensure passengers’ safety through safety demonstrations, maintaining order, and assisting during emergencies.
  2. Customer Service: Serve passengers’ needs, answer questions, and ensure comfort throughout the flight.
  3. Cabin Preparation: Prepare the cabin, stock supplies, and ensure emergency equipment readiness.
  4. In-Flight Services: Manage meal and beverage services, distribute reading materials, and oversee entertainment systems.
  5. Medical Assistance: Provide basic first aid and coordinate with medical professionals for onboard emergencies.
  6. Regulation Enforcement: Enforce airline policies, including seatbelt and no-smoking regulations, and handle disruptive behavior.
  7. Special Needs Assistance: Assist passengers with special needs, ensuring their comfort and safety.
  8. Communication: Maintain communication with the flight crew and relay important information.
  9. Emergency Training: Undergo training in firefighting, evacuation procedures, and handling security threats.
  10. Post-Flight Duties: Assist passengers during disembarkation, conduct cabin checks, and handle lost items.

Flight attendants ensure safe, comfortable flights and satisfied passengers globally through their diverse responsibilities and excellent service.

Average Pay

Philippine flight attendants typically earn between ₱26,000 to ₱80,000 monthly, including basic pay and benefits.

Extra income may come from tips, duty-free sales commissions, and other incentives. Net wages range from ₱13,400 to ₱46,400 monthly, with a median of ₱31,500 per month.

Pay By Airlines

Flight attendant pay in the Philippines varies by airline.

Below is a table of monthly and yearly compensation for Philippine-based airlines, sourced from Glassdoor.com as of November 1, 2022.

Philippine Air₱60,000.00₱720,000.00
AirAsia International₱500,000.00₱6,000,000.00
Astro Air₱17,654.92₱211,859.00
Audrey Golden Associates₱39,000.00₱468,000.00
Cebu Pacific₱20,000.00₱240,000.00
Cebu Pacific₱44,000.00₱528,000.00

Most operate on a chartered basis. The main domestic carriers are Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific, while AirAsia Philippines serves certain international routes.

Pay Based On Seniority & Responsibility

Flight attendants in the aviation industry follow a hierarchy based on experience and responsibility.

Here are common titles in ascending order:

  1. Junior Flight Attendant: Entry-level position for less experienced crew members.
  2. Senior Flight Attendant: More experienced than Junior Flight Attendants.
  3. Purser (or Lead Flight Attendant): Manages cabin crew, ensuring safety and service standards.
  4. In-Flight Supervisor: Oversees the entire cabin crew on a specific flight.
  5. Cabin Service Director: Manages cabin crew performance, including recruitment and training.

Flight attendant salaries vary based on experience, employer, and flight type.

Below is a table of salary data for different levels of work experience in the Philippines, sourced from Salary Explorer.

ExperienceFlight Attendant’s Monthly Salary (in ₱)
0-1 years15,200.00
2-5 years20,300.00
5-10 years30,000.00
10-15 years36,600.00
15-20 years39,900.00
20+ years43,200.00
Source: Salary Explorer

Pay Based On Philippine Listed Cities

Understanding salary discrepancies across various cities in the Philippines is essential for professionals seeking employment opportunities.

Here’s a breakdown:

CityHourly PayBase Pay
Cagayan de Oro₱178.43₱12,474.81
Las Pinas₱177.22₱12,390.24
Quezon City₱217.14₱15,181.21

The table provides hourly pay rates and base pay for flight attendants across different cities in the Philippines.

Hourly pay ranges from ₱165.73 to ₱217.14, while base pay varies from ₱11,586.77 to ₱15,181.21 per month.

These figures reflect the variations in living costs and market demand for flight attendants in different regions of the Philippines.

For example, cities like Quezon City and Davao offer higher pay rates compared to Dasmarinas and Makati, potentially due to differences in demand and cost of living.

Understanding these variations can help flight attendants make informed decisions about employment opportunities and negotiate fair compensation.


The diverse salary ranges for flight attendants across Philippine cities underscore the influence of factors like cost of living and market demand.

Understanding these variations is essential for informed decision-making and fair compensation negotiations in the aviation industry.



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