BuCor personnel’s duties and impact on public safety deserve fair compensation within the structured pay system of the Bureau of Corrections.

About BuCor

The Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) is under the Department of Justice and manages individuals sentenced to three years or more in prison, aiming to reform them.

Formerly known as the Bureau of Prisons from 1905 to 1989, its main office is in the New Bilibid Prison Reservation in Muntinlupa.

BuCor manages national penitentiaries for long-term convicts, while BJMP oversees city and municipal jails for detainees awaiting trial or serving short sentences.

Base Pay

Here are the ranks for BuCor personnel, listed from highest to lowest, with their respective salary grade levels and pay:

Corrections Chief Superintendent2791,058
Corrections Senior Superintendent2680,583
Corrections Superintendent2571,313
Corrections Chief Inspector2462,555
Corrections Senior Inspector2356,582
Corrections Inspector2249,528
Corrections Senior Officer 41938,360
Corrections Senior Officer 31834,761
Corrections Senior Officer 21734,079
Corrections Senior Officer 11633,411
Corrections Officer 31432,114
Corrections Officer 21230,867
Corrections Officer 11129,668


Here are the ranks for BuCor personnel, listed from highest to lowest, both commissioned and non-commissioned personnel:

Commissioned Officers

  • Corrections Director General (Undersecretary): The highest-ranking officer overseeing all BuCor operations.
  • Corrections Deputy Director General for Administration (Assistant Secretary): Responsible for administrative matters within BuCor.
  • Corrections Deputy Director General for Security and Operations (Assistant Secretary): Manages security and operational aspects of BuCor facilities.
  • Corrections Deputy Director General for Reformation (Assistant Secretary): In charge of inmate rehabilitation programs.
  • Corrections Chief Superintendent (Brig. General): Leads and supervises major operational units within BuCor.
  • Corrections Senior Superintendent (Colonel): Manages larger prison facilities and operations.
  • Corrections Superintendent (Lieutenant Colonel): Oversees the administration and management of prison units.
  • Corrections Chief Inspector (Major): Supervises and coordinates correctional activities at the departmental level.
  • Corrections Senior Inspector (Captain): Assists in managing and coordinating daily operations in correctional facilities.
  • Corrections Inspector (Lieutenant): Performs supervisory duties and ensures adherence to rules and regulations.

Non-Commissioned Officer

  • Corrections Senior Officer 4: Holds supervisory roles in specific departments or units.
  • Corrections Senior Officer 3: Assists in the management of correctional facilities.
  • Corrections Senior Officer 2: Performs specialized duties within BuCor.
  • Corrections Senior Officer 1: Holds entry-level supervisory positions.
  • Corrections Officer 3: Carries out various tasks in correctional facilities.
  • Corrections Officer 2: Provides support in maintaining order and security.
  • Corrections Officer 1: Entry-level position responsible for basic correctional duties.

Other Benefits & Allowances

Working at the Bureau of Corrections ensures competitive salaries and benefits, providing employees with financial stability and opportunities for career advancement without concerns about covering daily expenses.

Additionally, BuCor offers government career progression and attractive retirement benefits.

For instance, according to Republic Act 10575, a BuCor Corrections Officer 1 earns a monthly salary of P29,668, corresponding to Salary Grade (SG) 11.

BuCor officers receive additional allowances and longevity pay on top of their base pay, along with regular salary increments as mandated by the Salary Standardization Law.


The comprehensive compensation package provided to BuCor personnel not only recognizes their pivotal role in society but also serves as a beacon of support, motivating them to continue their invaluable contributions to public safety and rehabilitation efforts.

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