The Philippine Army gives its members good pay and benefits, which makes it a popular job choice for many people.

About the Philippine Army

The Philippine Army (PA) is the oldest and largest branch of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), stationed at Fort Andres Bonifacio in Metro Manila. With 11 divisions and special units spread across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, the PA is tasked with defending the nation through ground combat and operations.

Their mission is clear: to organize, train, equip, deploy, and sustain ground forces to “win the peace,” fostering an environment for sustainable development and lasting peace in the Philippines.

For 122 years, the Philippine Army has been the guardian of the Filipino people, playing a crucial role in nation-building. Today, it remains committed to innovation, ensuring victory against all threats to serve the people and safeguard the nation.

Base Pay

Here are the base pays according to the salary grade table for different ranks in the army.


PositionBase Pay
GeneralPhp 149,785
Lieutenant GeneralPhp 125,574
Major GeneralPhp 102,896
Brigadier GeneralPhp 91,058
ColonelPhp 80,583
Lieutenant ColonelPhp 71,313
MajorPhp 62,555
CaptainPhp 56,582
1st LieutenantPhp 49,528
2nd LieutenantPhp 43,829

Enlisted Personnel

Chief master sergeantPhp 34,761
Senior master sergeantPhp 34,079
Master sergeantPhp 33,411
Technical sergeantPhp 32,756
Staff sergeantPhp 32,114
Sergeant Php 31,484
Corporal Php 30,867
Private first classPhp 30,261
Private Php 29,668

In the Philippines, soldiers’ salaries vary based on rank. Generals can earn up to ₱150,000 monthly, while lieutenants typically receive between ₱43,800 and ₱49,500.

Other ranks include a Master Sergeant earning ₱33,411 per month, a Staff Sergeant earning ₱32,114 per month, and a Private earning ₱29,668 per month.

Additionally, other military personnel receive the following monthly gross payments: Candidate Soldiers get ₱33,327, Privates (Enlisted Personnel) receive ₱37,038, Officer Candidates earn ₱41,696, and 2nd Lieutenants (Call to Active Duty) receive ₱49,906.


Here’s a simplified breakdown of the benefits offered by the Philippine Army:

  1. Competitive Pay: Based on rank and experience, adjusted annually.
  2. Post-Graduate Studies: Opportunities at home and abroad through university partnerships.
  3. Insurance and Healthcare: Coverage for members and their families.
  4. Billeting and Housing: Barracks and housing facilities provided.
  5. Job Security: Stable and reputable organization.
  6. Training in Skills: Leadership, marksmanship, combat tactics, and technical skills.
  7. Opportunity to Serve as Army Commander: Highest position available.
  8. Career Advancement: Programs for growth and specialization.

These benefits make the Philippine Army an appealing career choice for many.


Joining the Philippine Army offers you the chance to enter a noble and honorable profession requiring discipline, dedication, and profound patriotism.

Take the first step toward realizing your dream of becoming a soldier and contribute to the mission of serving our beloved country.

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